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About Miquon Math's History & Author

Miquon Math is a curriculum for Grades 1-3, developed in the 1960s by Lore Rasmussen at the Miquon School in Pennsylvania. Its hands-on lab approach helps children actively explore math concepts, learning by doing.

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Scope & Sequence


Community Forum

Visit the Official Online Forum for Miquon Math Labs: connect with other Miquon users, ask questions, share experiences, and glean ideas on how to best teach math to your children!

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Speaking From Experience

Cathy Duffy says, "...because of unique methods of teaching arithmetic concepts, younger children can begin to learn arithmetic through the hands-on activities, and older children can also benefit from Miquon used as a supplement... It's a hands-on approach that is very strong on development of conceptual understanding."

A homeschool mom said, "Miquon was fun and effective for my very verbal daughter, but I think this program really shines with kids who learn best by doing, as my son does. He is a hands-on learner, and this program is especially good for students like him, for whom verbal explanations of mathematical concepts are difficult to grasp."

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Active Minds

When children's minds are actively engaged, math concepts are much more readily learned.

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Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods are an important part of teaching math with the Miquon Math Labs program. They provide a tactile element that helps children visualize and better understand mathematical concepts.

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Help for Teachers

Several resources are available to give parents and teachers the tools needed to effectively teach math.

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